The team at New Laigh Kirk

Rev David S. Cameron
Rev David S. Cameron

Rev David S Cameron is our Parish Minister. Born in Glasgow and brought up in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire. He embarked on a career in civil engineering and commercial management….

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Amy Hannah

Amy is originally from Glasgow and lives in Kilmarnock. Having graduated in Music from Glasgow University, Amy decided to pursue a career in the field of composition. However, with experience of youth leadership and a variety of programmes from Scripture Union...

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Bethany Joy McCaw

Bethany grew up in a variety of locations across Britain including Millport, Manchester and Ayrshire – accounting for her somewhat muddled accent. She graduated in Community Development at Glasgow University and…

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Martin Sharp

Born and bred in Kilmarnock, and educated at Grange Academy Martin gained a BA in Music from Stirling University, followed by an LTCL in Music teaching from Trinity College…

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Morgan Johnston

More to follow