Back to School Bags 2022

For info on the project or to find out how to sign up, click on this box or contact us through the website or social media pages!

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With real concern we have watched the situation in Ukraine unfold. Find more information about how the Church of Scotland is responding and how to donate.

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What to expect at NLK

You will find a friendly welcome. Your first impression on a Sunday is likely to be a buzz of chat as people meet and enjoy one another’s company. Soon our focus turns to worship of God through music, prayer and listening to the message from the Bible. Then we step out to be the church in the community for the rest of the week.


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We are keen to get to know you. Come to one of our gatherings or call in during the week when the church is open. Watch out for events on our website. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or send us an e-mail. We’ll be pleased to hear from you.

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Welcome to New Laigh Kirk

Our church building is a well known landmark at the centre of Kilmarnock. You are welcome to come inside and find out what happens when people of all ages meet for worship. It’s not a closed shop or a Holy Club, but a caring community, reaching out to all.

The church is more than the building – it’s the people. We are out and about in Kilmarnock – visiting care homes, hospitals and schools, volunteering in the community and hosting groups from toddlers to senior citizens and homeless folk in our John Finnie Street halls.

Recent Articles

Hopeful, Helpful and Healthy

During these past long and difficult days, concerned for our futures as individuals, families, businesses, communities, and nation, so many things are different from what we had hoped they’d be. We get easily annoyed by time lost. Bitter about what has and is happening to us, taken over by our worries and frustrations.

Homeless Jesus in Kilmarnock

A figure lying on a street bench, wrapped in a blanket which covers the head and face, but with bare feet showing. It might seem an unusual subject for a sculpture. Look closely, and notice the feet bear the marks of having been pierced by nails. This homeless man lying on a bench is Jesus.

Our Team

Rev. David Cameron

Parish Minister

Amy Tanner

Community and Family Worker

Rachel Taylor

Youth and Communities Worker

Martin Sharp

Organist and Choir Master

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