The birth of New Laigh Kirk

Early in the year 2009 the Kirk Session of Laigh West High Kirk was approached by the Kirk Session of Grange Church with a view to a possible further union. Discussions were entered into between representatives of the respective Kirk Sessions, and a basis of union was presented to both congregations, this basis of union being accepted by the congregations on Sunday 4th October, 2009.

The Presbytery of Irvine and Kilmarnock, at their October meeting, approved the proposed union, and agreed that a Service of Union should take place in Laigh West High Kirk on the evening of 29th October.

The Service of Union was held on 29th October, 2009 when the Reverend David S Cameron was inducted to the charge of New Laigh Kirk. It is of note that three members of the officiating team from Presbytery were themselves members of the new congregation - Presbytery Moderator, Mr Derrick MacAllister; Presbytery Clerk, Rev Colin Brockie; and Presbytery Depute Clerk, Mr. Steuart Dey.

At the reception following the Service of Union a covenant was signed between New Laigh Kirk and St. John's Onthank for a pioneering ministry covering the North West Area of the town.