The history of Laigh West High Kirk

When the Laigh Kirk's minister was translated to a new charge in 1999, the General Assembly decreed that the vacancy would be filled on the basis of a "reviewable tenure". This was not thought by the Kirk Session to be either a permanent or forward-thinking solution, and so discussions were entered into with West High Church whose own minister Rev. Robert Christie was due to retire and the General Assembly was unlikely to permit a call to the impending vacancy. A Basis of Union was established between the two congregations. This resulted in the union of the congregations of Kilmarnock: Laigh and Kilmarnock: West High on 5th October 2000.

During the union negotiations a joint vacancy committee was formed from both congregations with a remit to seek a new minister who would be inducted as minister of the united congregation as early as possible following the service of union. In January 2001 the Rev. David S Cameron was inducted to the united charge of Kilmarnock: Laigh West High Kirk.

In 2002 a new stained glass window was installed and dedicated in the North Porch. Signifying "New Beginnings" this window adds to the history of this building in the "new Beginnings" of the millennium, the newly-invigorated congregation, and a new modern ministry. So as we all went forward into the 21st century the congregation of Laigh West High Kirk looked forward to continuing God’s work in this historic building.