Back to School Bags

We’re super excited to launch our new Back to School Bags project and this page contains all you need to get started in supporting us and giving a boost to a local family!

At New Laigh Kirk, we aim to reach out to our local community to be a blessing and a resource for them and this is a great opportunity to do just that.

Every summer, hundreds of children across the country go back to school without the supplies they need to tackle the learning ahead of them. We’ve teamed up with our local social work department to do something about this! You can donate a new schoolbag filled with supplies which will be delivered to a child or young person in need in our area.

    How does it work?

1) Contact Rachel or Amy using the details on this page to sign up.

2) Receive a kit list for either a primary or secondary school bag.

3) Buy a schoolbag and fill it with the items on your kit list.

4) Donate your filled bag to the church during doors open on any of the following days between 12pm - 2pm:
Monday 26 July
Wednesday 28 July 
Friday 30 July
Saturday 31 July

(If you can't make any of these days, please don't worry! Sign up anyway and we'll make alternative arrangements where necessary.)

5) Your bag will be delivered to a local child or young person to boost them, bless them and set them up to tackle the year ahead!


What if I can't make it to a doors open time to donate my bag?

We can organise to have your bag collected or for you to deliver to the church at a more suitable time.

I want to support this project but I won't make it out to shop. Is there anything else I can do?
YES! You can also donate the cost of filling a schoolbag and we'll purchase the items for you. Just contact using the details above and we can sort it out!

I know some people in the church / at my work / in the area who want to support the project. What can they do?
Anyone can sign up to donate a bag (or the cost). Please make sure to contact us using the details above so we can make sure we know what donations are coming in!

I can donate more or less than just one schoolbag. What does that mean?
That means excellent news! If you can donate more than one schoolbag, that's fantastic: just tell us when you sign up. If you want to help but can't manage a whole schoolbag you can make a partial financial donation and we'll add it to everything else. Just let us know what you can do when you contact us; all support is appreciated, no matter how big or small!

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