Children's Clubs at NLK

Easter, Summer and October Clubs

At NLK, we value time with our church families all year round! So, during the school's Spring, Summer and October breaks, we open our church halls to a weeks worth of games, songs, stories, food, laughter, crafts, fun and so much more! 

Our clubs range in themes, suited to the time of year, and can last up to two hours, held in our church halls on John Finnie Street. We run our clubs for all children aged Primary 1-7 and include our youth (S1-6) for our Summer Club. 

Our clubs are open to every child or young person who wants to join in! 

Here's just some pictures of the fun we have at our clubs!   

*Please note that NLK's Children's Clubs are currently not running in order to comply with the government restrictions of the ongoing pandemic. We aim to be running again in person when restrictions have eased enough that we can all gather together again safely. Until such time, you can find our Virtual Club videos online, on our YouTube channel.* 

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