Now that the new school year has started, it is time for a new type of Trekkers to begin.

In this session, Trekkers will be something quite different. Only once a month, on a Saturday (consider us a luxury limited edition) we'll meet in the youth room in the halls at 4pm. We'll share a short discussion or reflection or simple Bible message then hang out for pizza and a movie, because who doesn't love pizza and a movie?!

Don't forget that you are still absolutely welcome to join us for worship at NLK on a Sunday morning. Trekkers is moving to a Saturday because some of our Trekkers are really busy on Sundays, and some of our Trekkers prefer to be in the normal church service. You are absolutely part of the family of faith and welcome to come along for services, music practice and anything else we sent out!

Below you can find ALL the Trekkers dates for these events until the end of the year... BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!

Also once a month, we'll take a trip to Glasgow for Equip! This is an SU Scotland event for S1-S6 to give them space to make like-minded friends, grow in faith, really ponder the reality of Christianity in their day-to-day lives and, of course, have fun. The graphics below show all the dates and info for Equip until the end of this year also, so get all these dates saved somewhere and come be part of our new-look Trekkers wherever you can!

Remember that you will also be able to find this information on our Facebook page when you need it, on our Instagram nearer the time, or you can contact Rachel on 07456091487 or by emailing

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