Fun for our little Tots

Tots Praise happens in term time, at the New Laigh Kirk halls on John Finnie Street. We invite babies to join us from 3 weeks old and toddlers up to the age of 4 too. We meet Tuesdays 10.15-11.15am and the cost of £1 includes snack.


At Tots Praise we want to provide a place where little ones:

  • can worship God with songs they understand
  • have fun and enjoy themselves at Church
  • make friends
  • hear stories of God from the Bible

We want to provide a place where any carer, parent, (with or without Christian faith):

  • can experience 'church family'
  • be supported and uplifted
  • support one another and help each other with shared wisdom
  • have fun
  • be refreshed together with cake and coffee etc


For more information on Tots Praise get in touch with Amy